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Creating Vertical Communities of Wellness in NYC

Creating Vertical Communities of Wellness in NYC

Renting an apartment in New York entails so many decisions. What neighborhood do you want to live in? Do you want an elevator? How about a doorman? With all of these decisions, renters rarely ask themselves: “What can my landlord do to enhance my lifestyle?” But maybe they should.

Although New York is a cultural center of on-going activity, New Yorkers are on the go. Sometimes, they need the resources of New York brought to their front door, and shared with their neighbors.

Stonehenge is a Manhattan-based real estate owner and operator increasingly committed to making Manhattan a better place to live by cultivating local resources and businesses to build real vertical communities in their 20 rental properties.

In creating exclusive opportunities for real neighborhood living, where people interact and connect in a meaningful way, they are striving to make neighbors into friends and buildings into homes. Their signature programs, called LIFE at Stonehenge, provide opportunities for residents to explore their passions, nurture their interests, and drive positive change in their community.

Events vary in genre, and take place in vacant apartments and amenity spaces throughout the Stonehenge portfolio. These activities occur several times a week, and are offered to Stonehenge’s audience of over 6,000 Manhattan residents.

From on-site celebrations and charitable outreach, to wellness initiatives and industry-focused networking events – these programs are exclusive to residents and help cultivate common interests.

Residents not only attend events, they shape future initiatives. The Lifestyle team of Stonehenge openly welcomes reactions, comments, and inquiries. But most of all, they encourage suggestions.

“Residents are the heart of our buildings. They breathe in the city air and all that is has to offer, and we want to celebrate their interests by honoring their event suggestions,” states Creative Director, Michael Stern.

Stonehenge residents have already jumped on the opportunity – promoting their businesses and services to their neighbors using vacant apartments as their marketing backdrop. Last winter, the Stonehenge Holiday Market featured Stonehenge residents as the exclusive vendors. The two-day fair was a hit amongst residents, who were happy to meet each other and encourage each other’s success.

Another key part of fresh, pertinent programming is creating alliances with top institutions throughout New York. Stonehenge partners range from high-profile cultural institutions – like the James Beard Foundation and the Film Society of Lincoln Center – to local small businesses, like Lee’s Art Shop and Ovando. From flower arranging classes and art workshops to film festivals and service opportunities, their LIFE programs and events are well-attended and successful for residents and partners alike.

“As we look for enthusiastic partners to help us fulfill our mission to celebrate, nurture and preserve America's diverse culinary heritage and future, the James Beard Foundation is delighted to enter into a relationship with Stonehenge. Food, like shelter, is not just a necessity; it is one of the great joys of life. We look forward to developing programs together that highlight New York's unique and delicious food culture.” – Mitchell Davis, Executive Vice President, James Beard Foundation

“We are proud of our partnership with Stonehenge. The demographics in their properties are a perfect fit for the New York Film Festival and our Film Center, and their focus on customer service and philanthropy add even more to making the things we do together successful.” – Tom Michel, Director of Development, Film Society of Lincoln Center

Most recently, Stonehenge approached Natural Awakenings to guide their residents with the proper resources for embracing healthier habits, navigating wellness resources within New York City, and making smart, sustainable living lifestyle choices. Their unique wellness series will feature programming from New York’s leaders in the wellness industry who are committed to creating a healthier lifestyle and a healthier planet.

Natural Awakenings and Stonehenge are launching their series with a major Earth Day celebration at Stonehenge’s Ritz Plaza Park, located at 235 West 48th Street, on Sunday, April 22, 2012 from 11am-3pm. 

This Earth Day festival will be free to the community and will feature vendors and educators seen in the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine, plus live entertainment and activities for the entire family.

“As landowners in Manhattan, we give more than a home to our residents – we are responsible for the quality of their lives,” says Stonehenge Creative Director, Michael Stern. “In partnering with Natural Awakenings we are able to connect our residents with a community of leaders guiding this city toward a healthier place.”

Residents and strategic partners are essential to programming, and Stonehenge utilizes one last component to complete their programming: local businesses. This is part of their Local Warming project, an idea that birthed from their sponsorship of Yoga Month.

Stonehenge has partnered with local yoga studios to bring yoga into each of their buildings. The program includes a weekly class in a building, and an incentive for students to join their local studio at a discounted rate. The idea has expanding to include wine tastings from local liquor stores, workshops with local health professionals, and exclusive offers from New York-based businesses. Stonehenge believes that celebrating the neighborhood is intuitive to New Yorkers, and supporting the neighborhood is essential for New York.

Learn more about how you can live, work, and partner with Stonehenge on their website,

Yoga at the Ritz Plaza Firefighter’s Memorial Park


The Ritz Plaza Holiday Market attracted tons of residents, including Tricia Madden of Stella & Dot.


At the Olivia, The Halloween Party is one of the biggest celebrations of the year.


Stonehenge supports local arts organization No Longer Empty in their 10 Downing retail space.


Photo credit: Leigh Anna Thompson, Moss + Isaac


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