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Personalized Nutrition in Williamsburg

Personalized Nutrition in Williamsburg

Dr. Peter D’Adamo launched a revolution in nutrition with the 1996 publication of his book,  Eat Right For Your Type.  People realized that a one-size-fits-all approach to eating didn’t work.  For some, a vegetarian diet did wonders while for others, a high-protein diet with plenty of animal protein resonated with their bodies.  After watching thousands of patients heal and thrive on the Blood Type Diet, Dr. D’Adamo decided to take the concept of individualization to the next level by fusing the science behind blood type with the field of nutrigenomics—how gene expression, and therefore health, is affected by the foods a person consumes. 

Through the popularity of his books, Dr. D’Adamo has changed lives. For decades he has seen patients who seek naturopathic care in his private practice in Connecticut.  After publishing his most recent book Change Your Genetic Destiny about how to optimize health at a genetic level, Dr. D’Adamo decided it was time to bring his approach right into New Yorkers’ backyards. A second-generation naturopath who began his career in Brooklyn, Dr. D’Adamo chose to open his first New York facility in the trendsetting neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

The sleek and modern space consists of a state-of-the art clinic and storefront where you can purchase the entire line of D’Adamo supplements, as well as basics from Vitamin C to melatonin. An experienced team of specialists trained personally by Dr. D’Adamo conduct nutritional consultations using Dr. D’Adamo’s proprietary software to create customized nutrition plans, dietary guidelines and recipes for customers who are interested in losing weight, preventing aging, and addressing chronic illness.

A less than 10-minute subway ride from Union Square, the Center is also host to a monthly rotation of support groups and community lectures. Don’t know your blood type?  Stop in and find out.


D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition,

135b Metropolitan Ave Williamsburg, Brooklyn,  NY


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