Articles from: August 2012

The Creative Fire Is Fueled at NYC Workshop


For nearly two decades, Stewart Cubley has inspired thousands of people to recover their creative spirit using painting as a tool for self-discovery.  In 1976 Cubley co-founded The Painting Experience Studio in San Francisco, and is author of the book "Life, Paint and Passion: Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression". Cubley will be returning for his third annual September visit to present his popular workshop, "The Painting Experience."

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Natural Awakenings Sponsors Yoga Month


For the third year, Natural Awakenings is a sponsor of National Yoga Month. Yoga studios, teachers and students are celebrating Yoga Month throughout the country with free classes and events during September. This grassroots healthy living campaign and national observance, hosts the One Week Free Yoga Card program with more than 1,600 yoga studios offering free classes to new students during September and October. Cards can be downloaded from and redeemed at participating studios throughout the United States.

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Angelically Guided Energy Healing Now Available


When our souls decide to come to Earth, we have a plan, something we want to accomplish. Our souls intend to meet life’s challenges and succeed, to be the victor over, rather than the victim of, life circumstances. Once our souls come into the denser energy of earth plane, life can be more challenging than we had expected.  Perhaps we struggle with finances, relationships, emotional anxiety, mental stress, spiritual malaise, or sometimes we even get a dis-ease. When we feel stuck in our lives, it is our soul’s way of saying, “Change something! Now! Do it now!”

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Improve Your Relationships through DANCE!


People of all ages are returning to idea of couple dancing. Many enjoy the opportunity and intimacy of dancing together such dances as swing, salsa, tango and many others. This resurgence is directly connected to the re-evaluation of relationships and courtships in our culture. Today, partners are coming back together on the dance floor after decades of unfulfilled ‘separateness’.

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Reduce Your Stress To Increase Your Creativity


If you think you’re not a creative person, you are wrong. We are all creative. But for some of us, the stress of daily pressures, illness or emotional turmoil can suppress our creative expression. Creativity can take many forms: speech, movement, music, visual art, problem solving, dreaming and countless other outlets. When you think of small children, they have very active imaginations and are constantly drawing, singing, making up stories or dancing. If you look back at your creative expression as a young person and think, “Where did my creativity go?” this article is for you.

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A New Life With Rheumatoid Arthritis


Is Rheumatoid Arthritis affecting your morning routine?  Would you like the strength and flexibility to move comfortably throughout your day? Perhaps you are overwhelmed by medications and their potential side effects.  Naturopathic Dr. Ivy Branin and Ruschelle Khanna co-owner of Brevi fitness have teamed up to design a fun and informative workshop in NYC that focuses on your health and helps uncover the underlying cause of your rheumatoid arthritis.

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See Your Soul Mate Book Party, Signing & Free Talk


Join the exciting launch of I See Your Soul Mate: An Intuitive’s Guide to Finding & Keeping Love & receive free love & relationship intuitive guidance from author Sue Frederick when you purchase a copy of her new book. An Intuitive since childhood, Frederick is the author of I See Your Soul Mate & I See Your Dream Job (St. Martin’s Press) and has trained more than 200 intuitive coaches around the world. Her work has been featured in the New York Times. 

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Doctors at Trump Place on The Zen of Relaxation


Being a New Yorker… It is a rich and awesome experience infused with the best cultural venues the world has to offer. We’ve got it all here at our fingertips: museums, theaters, opera, concert halls.. But we are also the hardest working people in the world. No one works as obsessively as New Yorkers do. The expression “In a New York Minute..” accurately portrays the rapid pulse of our city. And that amazing rhythm does put most of us into the overdrive mode.

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Hay House Authors To Ignite New York


Hay House is once again hosting your favorite authors and speakers at their I Can Do It Ignite! Mind-Body-Soul Retreat on Nov. 3rd-4th in New York City. Join your peers and spend the weekend listening to some of the most inspiring authors of today in a unique setting, the I Can Do It Ignite! Conference.This information packed weekend conference is designed to occupy your mind with 20 minute bursts of incredible wisdom from cutting edge authors, speakers and documentary filmmakers in the mindful spirituality, health, holistic, and sustainability lifestyles movement. These trendsetting speakers will Ignite your passion with topics ranging from relationships, sexuality, finance, and personal transformation to mindfulness, youth empowerment, health and so much more! Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to watch movie screenings from Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and Gregg Braden inspired movie anthology, Tales of Everyday Magic.

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Publishers Letter. Sept 2012


Dear Natural Awakenings Readers and Friends,

It is the start of the new season in New York and it usually brings on an onset of new goals and projections for the future months of inward time spent during the colder months ahead.   There are many exciting events going on in New York this month and in the months ahead that are outlined in this issue.  May you use this magazine as a creative tool to outline and fill your calendar with a chock full of exciting and inspiring events to keep your vitality alive and ever growing.

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