Articles from: September 2012

“Dance Your Way to Health 2012″

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Natural Awakenings’ philosophy in life is to feel good, live simply and laugh more! What a better way to do all of those things while developing a healthy body & mind! Natural Awakenings is therefore proud to announce our sponsorship of "Ballroom Dance Your Way To Health 2012" being hosted by our magazine contributor, New Yorker Social Dance Club, outdoors at Stonehenge's Ritz Plaza Park in Times Square, NY on Saturday, October 20th.  

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Hope For RSD Pain Sufferers


Reflex-Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) produces a level of pain that is often debilitating. Until now, no cure has been found. Dr. Howard F. Robins, Director of The Healing Center, in New York City, believes the results he has seen with his patients using non-prescription, non-invasive protocols, are finally allowing RSD sufferers to live a normal, pain-free life.

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Intravenous Ozone Therapy Offers Help for All


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a natural medicine that safely destroyed every bacteria, fungus, yeast and mold with virtually no adverse reaction? And what if it also destroyed every toxin, harmful free radical, and parasite in the body safely as well? One such treatment does exist and has been used by thousands of physicians in over 45 countries for over 70 years.

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10 Steps to Your Personal Environmental Wellness


We hear about environmental illness every day on the news. Some of these toxins seem so unavoidable, it can be overwhelming! Let’s focus on the things that you CAN do for yourself and your family to help minimize your exposure to toxins. Our whole staff got together to pitch in their favorite ideas on how to maintain environmental wellness.

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NA Magazine Speaks With Doctors at Trump Place


Fall is upon us. All of a sudden the nights and mornings have become cooler. The days are shorter and the seasonal produce is changing. Our bodies try to adjust but very commonly we still succumb to the common cold, with its characteristic sniffles, nasal congestions, headaches, and mild cough. This and many other upper respiratory infections involving the throat or sinuses start trickling into the doctor’s offices. Many folks are looking for a quick fix and many are outright demanding the prescriptions for antibiotics.  

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Be Beautiful, Be Free Campaign Launches in Support of Safe Cosmetics


Green Changes – a fresh collection of organic, fashion T-shirts partners with Pleasant Wayne – Eco Activist and spokes model for The Campaign For Safer Cosmetics (CFSC). With a mutual dedication to our earth and our future they have created a 100% organic cotton Fashion T-Shirt designed to direct people to the educational mission of the The campaign, Be Beautiful. Be Free. aims to raise awareness for the need to use cosmetics and personal care products that are free from dangerous chemicals. 

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The Yoga of Marketing


Finally there’s help for holistic practitioners and coaches who love what they do, but are at a loss for how to market their practice.  Cathy Wilke, a holistic business coach, will teach The Yoga Of Marketing on Sunday, October 14th at One Spirit Learning Alliance at  247 West 36th Street.  This is a full day workshop where holistic practitioners who are overwhelmed by marketing and social media will learn how to grow a clientele, promote their services and build a community around what they do without having to do anything that doesn’t align with their values. 

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Frost Valley YMCA Groups & Family Retreats


Far from the pressures and stresses of everyday life, where the demands of work, school, and social commitments take their toll, Frost Valley YMCA is a haven for groups and families. Frost Valley’s Main Camp and East Valley Ranch are located in two serene valleys cradled by the Catskill Mountains, and both offer the joys of nature and togetherness. Free of distraction—jobs and homework are on pause; iPhones don’t work; twitter means birdsong—families and groups have the space and quietude to connect deeply, in simple ways reminiscent of a bygone era. In a place as sheltered and nurturing as Frost Valley, ringed by mountains and trees that have endured for hundreds of years, families and groups remember their roots, and they are strengthened by their experience.

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Life Flowing Through Us


We come into the world innocent and ready for adventure. As children all is new for us with everyday discoveries. With good or even adequate parenting this newness stays with us and as we become properly socialized to lead productive lives. Before we know it we’re heading into our young adulthood and then it starts to hit us: we’re now supposed to be doing something with our lives. After all, isn’t this what we’ve been preparing for up to now?  We now have to be someone or do something that our family, culture, religion, or country has entrained or instructed us to be/do. The problem is that for many, this just isn’t clear to us. We then might spend the next decade or so attempting to discover some meaning or purpose to our lives. Some actually do find a life calling while the rest of us often struggle with an emptiness or lack brought on by the original belief of needing to be someone extraordinary and do something special.

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Stepping Right Heals The Body


53 years of teaching creative movement from three to ninety year olds, 32 years of practicing movement therapy with physically and emotionally impaired clients, and 21 years as a psychoanalyst dealing with diverse levels of anxiety has resulted in four incredibly simple actions that everyone, anywhere, at anytime can use to reclaim their birthright self. It starts with the ground, rebuilding feet arches, strengthening ankles, stopping knee pain, squaring hips to find lower back pain disappearing. The actions are orthopedic in correcting misalignments; therapeutic in exposing the thinking that splits mind and body; and creative in allowing our natural emotional resonance to flow through the body.

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