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Publishers Letter. Dec 2012

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Dear Natural Awakenings Readers and Friends,

Psst, are you awake? This month, we explore the far-reaching, yet fundamentally personal, topic of “Awakening Humanity.” At its foundation, awakening humanity is about making the shift of our individual focus from “me” to “we.” In our feature article, “It’s All About We” (page 18) Linda Sechrist explores this topic as it relates to several recent literary works. You’ll learn how thought leaders such as Jack Canfield and Lynn McTaggart can help us see through the “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours” mentality into a “me-we” way of thinking that can help inform wise decision-making about everything from environmental stewardship to economics to health and spiritual development.

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Lost Your Joie de Vivre? Your Hormones May Be to Blame

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You may be completely miserable and you don’t even know it.  This is the case with most of my new patients until they experience just how great they can feel after just a few weeks of treatment. I was discussing this with one of my colleagues here at Patients Medical, Dr. Vivan DeNise, who specializes in hormonal balancing and integrative internal medicine and she heartily agreed.

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Braco’s Gifted Gaze Comes to New York

Braco 1

In the silence of Braco’s gaze and interaction is offered, which has  improved many peoples lives. The impact of Braco’s work has been established with over 17 years of helping people in many countries; including Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Israel and the United States. Many visitors, including doctors and scientists, have called the effects of Braco’s gift “extraordinary”. Since 1998, over 90 documentary films have been produced in Europe and the U.S. to detail personal accounts of transformation resulting from Braco's loving gaze.

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Frost Valley Needs Transportation For Sandy Victims

Bus Wheel Tire

Frost Valley YMCA in the Catskills, New York has seen a tremendous response to their Free Hurricane Sandy Family Get-Aways posted previously on our site. This includes the Thanksgiving celebration, where families can get a free weekend stay, hot meals, lodging, and a place to get-away from it all. Currently, there are over 70 families, representing hundreds of people, who would like to be at Frost Valley for their weekends and Thanksgiving celebration. However, they have no means of transportation after the storm. Frost Valley is looking at ways to bus them up from the city and back down. This will be a significant cost, approximately $15,000.00. Maybe more if more families need help.

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Frost Valley Offers Free Get-Aways for Sandy Victims

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The genuine and reputable Frost Valley YMCA in upstate New York has announced that they are offering free getaways in the months of November and December, including a Thanksgiving weekend, for Sandy Victims.  Located in the Catskill Mountains of New York, their serene setting boats nourishment and warmth and they will be offereing hot showers, home cooked meals, and warm beds free of charge. 

Last year, Frost Valley YMCA was hit really hard by Hurricane Irene and they know the devastation and emotional toll it can take.  They are grateful for the New York and New Jersey community that came to their aid during that time and now want to give back as they can. CEO, Jerry Hunkoscky, makes a heart warming welcome in this video below to share why it is important for Frost Valley to support the community.

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Natural Awakenings Gives Free Ad With Sandy Donation

NA_Sandy web

In the advent of the Sandy aftermath, Natural Awakenings decides to give back by offering advertising options with 100% of the proceeds going to the "Friends of Firefighters" in New York City.

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Life: Heaven or Hell?


It was cold and rainy the day I went to prison.  Although it was in the middle of the summer, there was nothing warm about the place.  There was no heating, no color, no plants, no life.  Simply a dark, barren, harsh concrete trap on an island made of rock in the middle of the San Francisco harbor.  The place was Alcatraz.  Fortunately, I was only there as a visitor.  But even being there for an afternoon gave me a glimpse of what life must have been like for thousands of prisoners who lived there before the prison was closed.  It was a cold, dark, haunting place that allowed few, if any, of its residents to escape.

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The 3 Circles in Work and Life

Why are so many people unhappy at work? Can anything be done about it? Yes – by reconnecting your work with your life and inner world journey.  We all want happiness and we all want to be away from suffering. Imagine the three realms of life – work, home, and inner fulfillment – to be circles. When our circles have rich overlap, we are happy; when our circles have no overlap, we suffer. The forces at play today tend to push these circles away from each other. The best remedy is to create a deliberate strategy for happiness at work and life that seeks not less but more overlap.

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What Happened to New York?

Screen shot 2012-11-02 at 2.39.49 PM

Sitting here after days with no power assessing what has happened.  A crazy time to be a New Yorker, or a resident of the NorthEast for that matter for the widespread destruction we have encountered.  Some lost lives, some lost everything, some lost nothing and are operating normally and some are half way in between.  It really is hard to know what to say in a time like this, when almost everyone you know is facing some type of hardship.  In this moment, we are seeing what the bare necessities of life are and we feel abundant when we have heat, warm food and shelter.  Our daily lives prior to this disaster were truly over-indulgent.

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