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Publishers Letter. Jan 2013

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Dear Natural Awakenings Readers and Friends,

What the Frack is going on??  This month, we are sharing our education on a hot topic in New York State and across America…Fracking.  Short for "fracturing"fracking fractures our bedrock along with the use of chemicals that can leak into our earths water supplies and causing much harm to our environment.  The reason it is a hot topic for New York right now is because between 34,000 and 95,000 wells are envisioned for New York State alone, with 77,000 likely over the next 50 years.  What can you do to take a stand and protect our earth and our children's future? Find out more on pages 18-19.

Yes, I Finally Got Rid of Herpes!

Yes Man


You’ve got that first date with him/her. You ‘ve got that interview for the new job you so very much need. You’re getting married today. You’re meeting that new client, the CEO of the biggest account you’ve ever had.

You wake up in the morning with a huge, red, ugly blister on your lip. It’s a Herpes outbreak! It couldn’t have picked a worse time to appear. There is no way to cover it up. You can’t be more embarrassed. Do you cancel? What do you do?

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3 Tips for Better Sleep

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In the wake of Sandy , we need to focus on taking the best possible care of ourselves..This includes getting proper sleep each night. Here are three tips for better sleep from Dr. Greenberg, Wellness Advsior and Chiropracter at Flatiron Health Associates in midtown New York:

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Spirits Lift Despite Hurricane Sandy

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After one of the largest storms on record hit the Northeast, devastating the shorelines of New York and New Jersey and uprooting the status quo in surrounding states, locals saw a new kind of energy emerge among the populace.

Kelly Martinsen, publisher of the Long Island edition of Natural Awakenings and a resident of Long Beach, New York, joined the corps of volunteers that are helping families and businesses dig out of the ruins of their once beautiful beach town. In turn, her magazine’s advertisers and neighboring publishers reached out to share their office space, homes and other heartfelt help to keep her own business afloat. “While I have lost much, I feel blessed to have lived through this event,” says Martinsen. “I was able to experience the wonderful nature of people helping people in the days after the storm.”

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Medical Innovations: Dermapen


Finally, the long-awaited new treatment for Stretch Marks, Surgical Scars, and Acne Scars is here!  This treatment is called Dermapen.  Most of us would do anything to get rid of the unsightly damage which our skin undergoes as we age. Actually, it’s not just the older people whose skin shows signs of aging.  Motherhood is an amazing and fulfilling experience. Still, it can leave some unwanted marks on our bodies.  The majority of women, myself included, have to deal with concealing the unsightly stretch marks as well as c-section scars. People who lose and gain a lot of weight, develop stretch marks too.  Finally, both men and women suffer from acne scarring and wrinkles.  That is why we are so pleased to introduce Dermapen treatments to the list of other revolutionary anti-aging offerings at Doctors at Trump Place Longevity Institute and Medispa.

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Holiday Enjoyment Guide

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Greetings and Happy Holidays everyone! This time of year, we are usually inundated with “holiday survival tips”, as if the holidays were a natural disaster that we need to “batten down the hatches” in order to live through. Here in the NYC area, that is no longer something to be taken lightly. After Hurricane Sandy ravaged our area, we now have a fuller appreciation for what we have and the people in our community.   

Now, more than ever, I like to think of ways that I can prepare to fully enjoy the holiday season. Here are 6 ways to move towards being truly present for the events that may occur in the coming weeks.

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Giving Oneself Away and Gaining the World in Return

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With the devastation that’s recently occurred on the East Coast, we’ve all been called to see how capable we are of giving, as well as appreciate what we have that we often take for granted. After Storm Sandy many have been left with absolutely nothing and our collective hearts go out to those who have suffered so much, so unfairly. Perhaps that’s what draws us to care so much–knowing that it could have easily happened to any of us.  Even now as we see the pictures of neighborhoods that were destroyed or that now have to be razed for safety concerns, the suffering is monumental and impacts our collective unconscious. Perhaps this knowing now becoming visceral, and is just what may create the critical mass necessary for real change.

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Coping With the Loss of a Loved One During Holidays

Hands On Heart

The holidays can be especially tough when we’re grieving the loss of a loved one.  We sense a presence when a departed loved one is near. We may see an image in our mind’s eye, get goose bumps, hear a whisper, or even smell a familiar scent. Yet when we’re lost in grief, our sadness and depression creates a grey energy cloud, which blocks our ability to sense their presence and prevents them from communicating directly with us.

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Compelling Film Comes To New York


Exalt Films and Samuel Goldwyn Films are proud to present People v. The State of Illusion to the New York community.  This compelling film explores the science and power of perception and imagination and documents the evidence that answers the central questions of this provocative film, “what is real?” and “can we really change?”  Written and produced by Austin Vickers, it is an inspiring movie that will wake you up to the power of your imagination, encourage your hope, and elevate your spirit.  Watch the trailer at and join Vickers for one of the New York screenings followed by a keynote discussion on the Science of Imagination and Q&A. 

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