Articles from: February 2013

Children under siege. What do we do?


Today, I would like to share with you a couple of concerns I have been having as a doctor and a mother of two kids.  The first issue that has been bothering me lately is: what are my children eating all day? I watch my daughter grimace every morning as I pack her lunch-box with fruits and veggie snacks; while my 2 and a half-year old son has already developed an obsession with macaroni and cheese.  I often talk to other parents about the challenges they face, as the school officials are making a great effort to introduce healthy snacks instead of processed, sweet, and fattening food.  Still most children choose the old and familiar, “evil” options.  At the end of the day, tons of precious fruits and vegetables are tossed away, while our children continue to eat poorly in school and to gain weight.  I have finally realized my mistake: it is not me or the teachers who should be making healthy food choices.  It’s the children themselves who should!

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Publishers Letter. March 2013

March Cover

Dear Natural Awakenings Readers & Friends,

This month I would like to focus on something called Innovation in Bloom.  We are at the lovely time of year when the birth of our warmer months is about to erupt.  New growth, new life and what I am seeing right now is new innovation.  What better a time to seed and fertilize that idea you have been sitting on or to cross-pollinate your creative forces with others on the same open-minded mission as you.  No great achievement comes easily and requires the time and nurturing that you would give any garden or life source. 

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Frost Valley YMCA Horse Camp

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Giving Girls a New Vantage Point: Empowerment

At Frost Valley YMCA, located in the Catskill Mountains just two hours north of New York City, Horse Camp teaches girls how to ride, groom, and take care of horses. But that’s not all. Inherent in the care of the horses and the ability to ride—especially for young girls—is the development of an underlying confidence that takes them down the path toward leadership.  

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Natural Awakenings’ New Dating Website


Just in time for Valentine's Day, Natural Awakeings Publishing Corporation announces the launch of their new dating website, in partnership with the Conscious Dating Network, the Internet's largest and oldest conscious/spiritual/green dating site.  

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I Can’t Stop Coughing!

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Have you or someone you know been suffering from a cough that simply won’t go away? Did it start shortly after Hurricane Sandy following the cleanup? Or, did it begin after a cold you had recently?  If it’s a cough that just doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you take or do, or if it returned after it seemed to be gone you may be suffering from Hurricane Sandy Cough or from a “killer cold virus” that has been going around for many months.

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True to Your Time, Sincere With Yourself


Our body needs tender loving care no less than our favorite cars and boats.  In fact, our body is our most luxurious possession by birth. Needless to say, the skin maintenance needs our daily attention. To protect our skin's freshness and glow year by year, this very vital organ needs to be looked after in depth.

Still, after years of senseless lasers and painful chemical peels that left some of us looking like beef carpaccio, we feel like we have emerged with a post-traumatic stress syndrome.  True. The scars, the discoloration marks and the lifeless skin tone are difficult to hide and always serve as a sad reminder of the poor choices we have once made.  

I am happy to announce that real help for you and me is finally here and the results are unprecedented. Longevity Institute Medical Spa is offering first ever, new generation of the 2B Bio Beauty® treatments and skincare products. 

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Snatam Kaur Sacred Chant Concert

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On Saturday, February 16th, devotional chantress Snatam Kaur will present an evening of kirtan- sacred call and response music, singing, dancing, meditating, breathing and celebrating at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel in New Jersey from 8:00pm to 10:30pm. Joining Snatam will be Todd Boston and Ramesh Kannan for an event that promises to elevate the spirit.

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