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Publishers Letter. Aug 2013

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Hello Readers and Friends,

The glorious, glorious summer is in full bloom.  Yes, I said glorious twice because August deserves it one more time than July!  As we inspire you this month with a cover colored in yellow sunflowers, we hope your internal experience of summer is just as glorious as our August cover!  

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Crazy, Sexy, Savvy, Yummy

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In summer, when many fruits, herbs and vegetables are at their peak, it makes sense to harness their power for the family’s benefit. “Some people flock to plant-empowered living for better health, others because of their spiritual beliefs, to support animal welfare, respect the environment or best of all, because it tastes great,” says wellness activist Kris Carr, a documentary filmmaker, New York Times bestselling author and the educational force behind

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Roosevelt Hotel Hosts 2nd Annual Energy Wellness Expo

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The Center for Pranic Healing will host the 2nd Energy Wellness Expo on August 17 & 18 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan.  Following a highly successful health expo last year, Expo attendees will catch a glimpse of how prana, the energy that animates life, can be used to improve and enhance virtually every aspect of life ranging from health to career, relationships, spirituality and finances.  Pranic Healing, a breakthrough in energy healing, is a completely non-invasive, non-superstitious, non-religious, no-touch energy healing that balances the body, mind and spirit.  Anyone can learn Pranic Healing and it has been shown to effectively relieve stress and pain.

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DIY Herbal Remedy for Leg Cramps

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The agonizing pain of a cramp in a calf or thigh muscle can be more than annoying. When it happens during the night, it can ruin sleep and leave residual daytime grogginess, irritability and loss of focus through the next day.We have all heard the advice, “Drink more water, eat bananas, take magnesium or potassium.” Sometimes this works, but traditional use of herbs can help address leg cramps, as well.

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Overcoming the Pain of Shingles and Genital/Oral Herpes: The Latest Answer


Did you have Chickenpox or a “cold sore”?

Most everyone answers yes to this question. If you answered yes then you have a Herpes infection. Both types of viral infections are easily transferred by contact with someone who has a current outbreak. You likely may have both!

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Fitness Postpartum: When Can I Start to Exercise?


Was your first thought upon seeing yourself in the mirror for the first time after having your baby, “where’s my six-pack?” Probably not, but that’s not to say the thought of getting back into shape didn’t cross your mind pretty quickly after those first few blissful moments with your baby.  

Most women, no matter how confident they were before they got pregnant or how much they tell you how wonderful they feel now that they are mothers, have at least a few moments of lagging self-confidence after they have given birth. The entire pregnancy and postpartum process is difficult on your body so you need to realize that you are not going to look or feel the same right after your baby is born. Your abdominals will still be a bit stretched from holding that little one for so long, your joints will still be a bit floppy from a hormone called relaxin, and any injuries that you may have sustained during the birth could be making you feel some pain.

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Only FDA Approved Non-Invasive Treatment for Cellulite Available at Doctors at Trump Place


Spring is upon us in full bloom. The days are getting hotter and some folks are already tanning in Central Park.  Many patients have come to the Doctors at Trump Place Longevity Institute and Medispa with concerns regarding their recent weight gain and asking for advice on how to get rid of unwanted cellulite in time for the beach.   To address these very important issues, in addition to thorough physical exams and dietary interventions, we have created a simple and comprehensive solution for cellulite and fat reduction.  Our Summer Indulgence Package features our unique customized programme, which includes the revolutionary Far Infra-Red Sauna, VelaShape and Deep Tissue Massage. 

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