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Frost Valley Needs Transportation For Sandy Victims

Frost Valley Needs Transportation For Sandy Victims

Frost Valley YMCA in the Catskills, New York has seen a tremendous response to their Free Hurricane Sandy Family Get-Aways posted previously on our site. This includes the Thanksgiving celebration, where families can get a free weekend stay, hot meals, lodging, and a place to get-away from it all. Currently, there are over 70 families, representing hundreds of people, who would like to be at Frost Valley for their weekends and Thanksgiving celebration. However, they have no means of transportation after the storm. Frost Valley is looking at ways to bus them up from the city and back down. This will be a significant cost, approximately $15,000.00. Maybe more if more families need help.

Frost Valley is seeking donations of transportation services or financial donations to make these upcoming weekends hopeful for so many families.  To assist with this request, please contact Edward Jenkins at Frost Valley YMCA at 845-985-2291.


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