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Publishers Letter. Dec 2012

Publishers Letter. Dec 2012

Dear Natural Awakenings Readers and Friends,

Psst, are you awake? This month, we explore the far-reaching, yet fundamentally personal, topic of “Awakening Humanity.” At its foundation, awakening humanity is about making the shift of our individual focus from “me” to “we.” In our feature article, “It’s All About We” (page 18) Linda Sechrist explores this topic as it relates to several recent literary works. You’ll learn how thought leaders such as Jack Canfield and Lynn McTaggart can help us see through the “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours” mentality into a “me-we” way of thinking that can help inform wise decision-making about everything from environmental stewardship to economics to health and spiritual development.

These works assert that “no man is an island” and that we as individuals do not exist separately from the rest of mankind nor from our planet—we are, indeed, One. Aside from the spiritual aspects, hard scientific research across various disciplines such as physics and biology continues to prove that, in reality, everything and everyone is linked into a coherent whole. Furthermore, it is believed that we are genetically hard-wired for co-creation and cooperation and, as a result, most of the world’s greatest innovations are a result of collaboration, not competition. 

Therefore, in order to improve, and possibly even save, humanity, we must “awaken” to the reality of a universal Oneness. We must take off our blinders, openly look around ourselves and embrace a more holistic world view. At the same time, we must also move beyond negative thought traps that engender fear of others and of the unknown. Only as we begin to shift our focus away from looming negatives and self-centeredness and toward positive connections and meaningful relationships can we fuel constructive change. Only by focusing on our overlapping goals and interests and setting aside our differences can we fully realize the good that we can effect together. 

What a wonderful time of year to awaken and think about our blessings and how we can share with others. 


Feel Good, Live Simply, Laugh More,

Tina Woods


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