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Coping With the Loss of a Loved One During Holidays

Coping With the Loss of a Loved One During Holidays

The holidays can be especially tough when we’re grieving the loss of a loved one.  We sense a presence when a departed loved one is near. We may see an image in our mind’s eye, get goose bumps, hear a whisper, or even smell a familiar scent. Yet when we’re lost in grief, our sadness and depression creates a grey energy cloud, which blocks our ability to sense their presence and prevents them from communicating directly with us.

Opening the heart and sending love to others in spite of our own pain, shifts us out of the grey energy of grief and opens our gateway to the divine. The ethereal realms are as close to us as the clothes that we’re wearing are to our skin. Yet this is hard for us to comprehend because our eyes don’t translate that information to us.


Sensing our departed standing beside us is not a matter of seeing a perfectly formed being. Our departed will rarely materialize fully for us—unless there’s an emergency or something essential they need to say with no other way of getting our attention. This kind of complete materialization is rare and difficult for a spirit in the higher realms to achieve (although it does happen). Complete materialization requires enormous energy from the departed.

Their daily visits to us appear more as fleeting glimpses, or hazy images in the corner of our vision—not directly in front of us. Our eyes may be scanning a room when we catch something in our field of vision that resembles a human form. But when we turn to look directly at it, the image is often no longer there because we’ve activated our left-brain reality filter.

Sitting in prayer or meditation for twenty minutes each morning, you can raise your frequency, release your pain, and clear your channel to the divine. This daily practice requires discipline—but the benefits are enormous.

Break Your Heart Wide Open Meditation to Help Heal Your Grief:

Sit in prayer or meditation with eyes closed for twenty minutes. Then ask to feel the full heartbreak of your loss. Allow yourself to cry the pain out. Offer your pain to the divine beings to carry away and transform into love.

Focus on the love you feel for your departed. Then speak directly to him or her. Ask for their guidance. Tell them how much you love and miss them. Ask for strength to carry on and accomplish your great work – which isthe reason you’re still here.

Take note throughout the day of when you experience a sense of knowingness about a difficult situation, have a feeling of peace wash over you from nowhere, or bump into an old friend who makes you laugh and feel better. Your loved one is helping you in these moments.

Speak directly to your loved ones and thank them for the gifts they’ve put in your path that day. Tell them you realize they’re watching over you and that you’re grateful. Through practice, you’ll learn to trust the information you get from your higher self and use it in your daily life.




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Sue Frederick is a lifelong intuitive and author of I See Your Soul Mate, I See Your Dream Job & I See Your Loved Ones on the Other Side. For more information visit




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